Digital Hisab

Digital Daybook | Digital Invoices

As living in the digital world, keeping your daily records in a notebook is being odd for the present scenario. Your business is small or big it does not matter, it needs to have records of everythings. It might be sales, purchase, vat, invoices, profit, etc. The digital daybook is designed and developed to manage all things digitally. Objective of the system is to digitalize the financial records of the company. Which will help individuals of the company to manage the records and use them at every time and from everywhere.

Why Digital Hisab?

To maintain the effective and efficient utilization of resources for the sustainable growth of any business in order to achieve targeted goals.

To automates redundant tasks

This system will automate the task that you are doing manually. Automatically it will increase your effectiveness and productivity.

To manage account part without knowledge

The system will help to manage the VAT and TDS which is the most important part of the organization.

To management and analysis of the cashflow

The system reports the economic status of the office or organization. How much you have to collect from the market and how much you have to pay and balance the status of the organization.

To save time and cost

This system automates many of your manual tasks that means it saves time and manpower which automatically reduces the operating cost.

To access widely

As being web based software you can access it from anywhere as you need and like.

To reduce the chances of math error

Digital Hisab is the system to help you to reduce the math errors at the calculations. You do not need to look after the calculation parts of invoices, statements, and many more.


No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy is, you always need a system to handle/manage the official things.

Digital Invoice

Create invoice and send to client with beautiful template and attched pdf. This will save your time to drop an invoice, this can be used for a pre-invoice also. This invoice management system can be very useful for every organization or the company who needs to create the invoices for the service or product.

Re-Invoice -Ledger

This is to send a client to send a payment history or payment statement. It can be used as a re-invoice also. This will make easy for service takers as well well providers to see the payment details and history.

Sales and collection

Reports of the sales, daily sales, weekly, monthly sales, and reports with custom dates. Collection status of the invoice, status of the payment etc can be managed through the system.

Purchase Book

Can enter the purchase for the records and balance sheet. Which will help to know and analyze the expenses of the company.

Day Book

Day book is the main objective of the system. This will show you the daily balance and short detail of the sale and expenses of the organization.


You might not be familiar with the VAT and stuff but this system will report you how much VAT has collected and need to pay per specific month.


TDS is the other important part of the accounting part of organization. This will help you to know the TDS records and reports with the invoices. How much TDS I have to pay and have to collect will all be managed by the system.

Banks and Balance

It shows the current balance of the office. Balance at each bank and at digital wallets and cash at the office.


Daily, weekly, monthly, custom date report of the sale, purchase, vat, tds. Which can export for further use. Balance status of company at bank wise if company has multiple banks.